Back from the Swedish Fever

Hello my loyal readers (the two of you, you know who you are!!!),

I have just realised that I did not publish since mid May. I missed writing which is actually extremely good.

All the stuff that I wrote previously about Sweden is true except the bad things. The bad things were all incorrect and the good things were not stressed enough. I was there for around 30 days (based in Malmö but traveling around South Sweden).

I had a good time. Sweden is a country where people are fun outside of work and committed enough when working. They are passionate and emotional and speak loud and clear. The group of people at the venue that I was working on were fantastic.

And made some good friends for life, which is the best thing that can happen.

Bo and Mighty Mate. Two different perspectives on life but the same will to live it at full speed and taking in everything that gives us. Good people, boa gente.

Sweden is how Switzerland would be if you add on a lot of heart and passion on everything that you do. The same beautifull scenery, quality of life, expensive like hell, safe. The only slight problem is that during winter the day light is scarce. And that is really going to mess up with your head.

But I will be back plenty of times. To visit my friend Bo at least. Memories will stay for ever. And some of them are below.

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