Portugal and being Portuguese I

After several requests it is decided to translate one of my first posts about Portugal and being Portuguese.

The main reason why I start the blog "Só sei que não vou por aí" (translation is - I only know that I will not go that way) is because I am living abroad, Easter was spent away from my family, and because there is a big match for the Portuguese league.

Shit.!!! I am really Portuguese...the first paragraph that comes out of my fingers includes three distinct characteristics: complaining, family and football.

One of the little things that I would change about our identity is our inferiority complex, stating that we are always worst, that our philosophy of life is bad.
I have news for whomever lives in a small country by the ocean, that is shared by all Portuguese living abroad - PORTUGAL IS A HELL OF A COUNTRY, AND THE PORTUGUESE ARE NOT WORST THAN ANYBODY.
For the people that never lived outside of the country the easiest way to understand it is to emigrate for a year or so. Anywhere.
For all the others, let me be more factual:
1) we have an HISTORY of which we can be proud (except inventing slavery):
- we were the first nation to abolish slavery
- our revolution (no blood was shed during the revolution that allowed us to be free from over 40 years of dictatorship)
- we started our Beloved nation with a son beating up his mother
- Obama's pet is Portuguese
- etc....

2) we have a very rich and delicious cuisine
- owen cooked pig stomach
- fried pig tripes
- cod cooked as you never imagined it and some other 500 ways
- the best fish and seafood of Europe

- tremoço - Lupin or Lupini Beans are yellow legume seeds of the lupinus genus plant, most commonly the Lupinus luteus or Yellow Lupin. They are just the best snack food to go along with a beer (the yellow things in the picture)

- eels and fish eggs (if I had a restaurant that would be the name)
- but our biggest advantage is very simple: our chefs eat and they enjoy eating!!!!! All the other European chefs are thin and elegants. And I think....what the hell??? They spent their whole life surrounded by the best food and condiments in the world...and they are elegant and fit??? They are in the job for money, not for passion.
Our chefs are better, even if they are female and with a moustache. But they are big, they eat and enjoy what they cook!!!!

3) Portugal today:
- is a developed country, economically prosper (sort of), socially and politically stable

- has a high Human Development Index. (for clarifications purpose please see the formula. I assume now you know what it means)

- is the 7th most peaceful and the 13th most globalized country in the world

These are facts. Irrefutable. Google away...no chance.

4) The Portuguese have a beautifull country with an excellent weather. People do not understand how important this weather factor is. Try to live in a place where you do not see the sun for THREE months....and then come and talk to me.

5) The Portuguese feel
This will be explored in another posts because I don't have time. ... we are hot blooded, we complain, we scream and shout, cry and laugh, we honk like crazy........I don't have time.
Try to live in a place where the silence is promoted , nobody screams or laughs for three months...and then come and talk to me.

6) And now a more personal point. The Portuguese women are difficult to get but they are above the remaining. More facts coming your way....wait for it, now:
the spanish (we like talking but they are too damn loud), french (layers and layers of perfum is not enough),English (class can not be taught and knowing how to wear heels is important), german (drink too much, therefore are expensive), swiss (see french plus german), scandinavian (too tall, can't cook), italians (they can cook but the expenses for beauty products kill the budget), americans (they just need to work on the accent).
Eastern Europeans are close but they are blond and are not capable orf falling in love. And I like passion.
And to say good bye I give you some nice music. some new generation Portuguese bands that sing in English:
See you soon for another cartoon,

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